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                                    FDA issues consumer update on undeclared allergens
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                                    Silver Spring, USA  - In a latest consumer update, FDA warns that allergens not listed on the label, referred to as "undeclared allergens," are the leading cause of food recalls. A food product with undeclared allergens is misbranded and can be seized by FDA, but firms generally issue a voluntary recall. FDA is working to reduce these recalls by researching the causes of these errors; working with industry on best practices; and developing new ways to test for the presence of allergens. FDA notes that the five food types most often involved in food allergen recalls were bakery products; snack foods; candy; dairy products and dressings. Recall data show that the use of the wrong label is the most common cause of undeclared allergens and FDA is promoting improved industry awareness and simple changes in the way packages, labels and ingredients are handled and tracked within production facilities to reduce these errors.

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