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                                    Sponsored by Skyherb, Alkemist proposed HPTLC method to detect grape seed extract adulteration.
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                                    Las Vegas, USA - Alkemist officially introduced its HPTLC method, which was co-developed with Skyherb, at AHPA’s Botanical Congress during Supplyside West. A simultaneous and rapid high performance thin layer chromatographic method was validated for identification of Peanut Skin adulteration in Grape Seed from plant sample and commercially available dietary supplements. The HPTLC method allowed for the differentiation of Grape Seed and Peanut Skin as raw materials, extracts and finished products. The qualitative method was validated for specificity, repeatability, intermediate precision, limit of detection and robustness. The method was found to be simple, precise and specific for the identification of Grape Seed and its’ adulteration with Peanut Skin.

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