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                                    Proprietary apple polyphenols shown to have obvious anti-oxidant effect in oils
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                                    Luoyang & Hefei, China - According the cooperative research by Henan University of Science & Technology and Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Skyherb’s apple polyphenols is proven to be a strong antioxidant and it can scavenge free radicals better. The results show that apple polyphenol has significant resistance to the lipid peroxidation of oil, and the antioxidant effect strengthens with the increase of dosage. According to 0.5% of oil heavy, the apple polyphenols was added in fat and the sesame oil may lengthen storage time for 4 days. The peroxide value was 10.49 mmol /kg and the suppression rate achieved 36.78%. To the lard oil, the inoxidizability could last for 6 days and the suppression rate reached 61.78%. Thus it can be seen the apple polyphenols was effective in lengthening the sesame oil to guarantee the quality, and had relevant obvious anti-oxidation effect for both vegetable oil and animal oil.

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