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                                    MUI Halal certification gained
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                                    Anji, China - After a 2-week thorough inspection, Skyherb Ingredients received MUIS’s  Halal certificate. The market of Halal certified products is growing. Halal consumers including 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide and millions of non-Muslims eat halal products. Muslims need their food to be certified. Halal certification is overseen by a qualified independent third party consumer products and be able to demonstrate that the products meet standards for production preparation and ingredients of the halal way. Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), also known as Islamic Religious Council of Singapore is Singapore's top Islamic authority in charge of handling Muslim affairs, was established in 1968. MUI is granted rights to manage and regulate halal certification, is the world's most famous and most professional international halal certification (HALAL certification) organizations. Skyherb’s strict halal products system was certificated by MUI.

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