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                                    QS Ingredients Pave the Way Into Chinese Market
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                                    QS certification is a Chinese quality and safety system for food, beverages and other products. Introduced in 2003, it is managed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine(AQSIQ). The license is required for many product categories if they are both manufactured and sold in China.

                                    Since its first QS product in 2011, Skyherb has gained QS certification for over 60 plant extracts, including some of the popular ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Ginseng Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Acerola Cherry Extract, Soybean Extract, and Goji Extract. After several major localization projects with its overseas customers, Skyherb has gained significant experience in introducing foreign health food and conventional food into China.

                                    The blossom of the dietary supplement market is inextricably linked with the population and economic growth and policy change in China. With a large population, even only 20% of them take the dietary supplement, the total number can match that of US. The increase of aging population will furthermore contribute to the dietary supplement market. In addition, with the economic development, the total health care expense and its GDP percentage increase as well. Consumers become willing to buy dietary supplement as living standards rose. Along with this is the sales of Health Food changed from the licesing approval to non-licensing approval in Feb. 2014. In Jun. 2014, the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China (Revised Draft) was published. Now this law is soliciting public opinion, and the final draft has not been decided. But what is predicable is that China's dietary supplement market will become more open for foreign investors in future. If the Health Food approval certification is no longer required, the QS certification becomes the only key certification for the dietary supplements be produced and sold in the Chinese market, based on the Article 29, Food Safety Law.

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